Lord Coe, Steve Cram lead tributes to the late Sir Roger Bannister

Lord Sebastien Coe and Steve Cram led tributes to the late Sir Roger Bannister, hailing the man who broke the four-minute mile as “inspirational” and a man who sat right in the middle of “ambition and mankind”.

News of Bannister’s death was announced Sunday, his family saying he died peacefully Saturday in Oxford, England.

On a windy late afternoon in Oxford on May 6, 1954, Bannister ran four laps on a cinder track in three minutes 59.4 seconds to crack the mythical 4-minute mile — a feat many had thought humanly impossible. A few months later in 1954, Bannister beat Australian rival John Landy in the “Miracle Mile” or “Mile of the Century” at the Empire Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, as both men ran under four minutes.

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