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  • Now Playing: Apple simplifies taking selfies

  • Now Playing: Tech expert Stephanie Humphrey cleans up Michael and Sara’s phones

  • Now Playing: Amazon introduces new way for teens to shop

  • Now Playing: How to fight the flu with your phone

  • Now Playing: Fortnite hit by major data breach

  • Now Playing: Return of the Motorola Razr

  • Now Playing: YouTube bans dangerous stunt videos like ‘Bird Box challenge’

  • Now Playing: Netflix price increase causes backlash

  • Now Playing: Ford unveils hybrid Explorer at Detroit auto show

  • Now Playing: Cadillac previews new electric luxury vehicle

  • Now Playing: Technology advancements could mean an end to ‘password piracy’

  • Now Playing: Las Vegas global tech show celebrates innovation while raising privacy concerns

  • Now Playing: CES shows off new technology for your car

  • Now Playing: SpaceX Falcon 9 launches final set of satellites into orbit

  • Now Playing: Netflix may crack down on account sharing

  • Now Playing: ‘Baby Shark’ hits the Top 40

  • Now Playing: App may help your family’s relationship with their phones

  • Now Playing: This machine will fold all your laundry for you

  • Now Playing: Royale introduces the first foldable phone at CES 2019

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