James Corden’s Dad At Super Bowl Was Way Better Than The Game

Meet the true Super Bowl MVP’s ― as in Most Valuable Parents.

James Corden’s father Malcolm and mom Margaret traveled to Atlanta for last Sunday’s Super Bowl, and they tackled this most-American experience like pros.

The British “Late Late Show” host occasionally invites his parents and sisters to attend big events for a spot of family fun.

While neither the victorious New England Patriots nor the Los Angeles Rams entertained audiences during the game, Corden’s mum and dad excelled outside of it.

A few highlights to look out for in the very funny clip above: Malcolm trying to kick a field goal and getting a friendly lick on the head by actor Paul Rudd.

This article was originally published at: http://worldnewsweb.space/2019/02/james-cordens-dad-at-super-bowl-was-way-better-than-the-game/

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