On Politics With Lisa Lerer: The Privilege of Being Beto

Rachel Reiss, New York:

Passing a resolution condemning “all hate” in response to a specific instance of pointed anti-Semitism, especially in the midst of an undeniable and disturbing upswing in anti-Semitic attacks both globally and nationally, is like passing a resolution that “all lives matter” in response to police violence against black men; it says the exact opposite of what it purports to say.

David Friedland, Nevada:

As a lifelong Democrat, I was upset at Ilhan Omar’s blatantly anti-Semitic, age-old canard about Jewish people having loyalty to another country. And I am equally upset at my party cowering to an increasingly tyrannical minority and failing to pass a specific resolution to a specific comment.

Does not Congresswoman Omar know about Goebbels and his usage of propaganda such as “the insidious international Jewish financiers,” or the danger of “Jewish penetration of law, medicine, property, and the arts.” Has she not studied history and the power of the spoken word on a national platform?

No bigotry should ever come close to being tolerated. Nor should hesitancy in unequivocally condemning a specific outburst of bigotry such as displayed by Congresswoman Omar ever be tolerated as well.

And then there were those whose concerns were not the content of Ms. Omar’s statements, but the political fallout that they could have.

Dave Stoller, Arizona:

I applaud the enthusiasm of the congressional “newbies.” However, I say to each of them, be guided by this reality: you don’t know everything, you can’t do everything, especially all at once. You are the new kids on the block. You each need to learn how to be an effective legislator, how to communicate, how to work with other legislators, even those with whom you often disagree. Succeeding in Congress may require compromise, even with those you don’t like.

Arnie Serota, Hawaii:

The Democrats need to get their act together and stop infighting on divisive issues. The number one theme, for the time being, should be the defeat of Donald Trump and the far right.

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